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A Nonprofit Veterans Organization Honoring Those Who Serve(d)®

How it all started


Ruck 'N' Run, Inc. was born out of a desire to:

  1. Honor those who serve(d) by refocusing the over-commercialization of U.S. military observances.

  2. Build camaraderie through shared experiences, interests, & accomplishments.

  3. Connect the community through common ground, collective goals, & a deep sense of belonging, tradition, & purpose.

Simply stated, our Three Pillars are:

  1. Honoring Those Who Serve(d)®

  2. Building Camaraderie

  3. Connecting the Community



Created by an Army Drill Sergeant, Ruck 'N' Run® honors Veterans & connects the community through fun, motivating, yet challenging events.

  1. Ruck ‘N’ Run® (yearly event): Commenced in 2015, this boot camp inspired walk/run that drastically challenges the definition of the average 5K & those that attempt to compete. This is our original & main event held on the Saturday before Veterans Day, on location in Republic, MO, or where you choose (Shadow).

  2. “In Their Honor” Fund: Provides assistance to families when a U.S. Service Member passes away. This can help offset the cost of food, lodging, transportation, & other unforeseen, incurred expenses.

  3. Monthly Ruck ‘N’ Run Gatherings: This is where the rubber meets the road. These monthly gatherings provide an opportunity to build upon our Three Pillars on a regular basis. Our first official ruck club is Ruck 417. Click here to view our monthly events. More ruck clubs are forming.


So What?

As of January 1, 2019, we’ve donated $15,000 and 6,183 pounds of food to nonprofit Veteran organizations to help Veterans in need.

Here’s what others are saying…

“Best challenge run of the year!” - Paula T.

“Awesome event, awesome cause. Challenging course and we loved it. Cannot wait until next year! Great job staff.” - Cassia S.

“Well done race, for a great cause. Running and boot camp style exercise along the way...what more could you ask for? Then you factor in how much of the proceeds go to the actual charity and you have a winning event.” - Julia W.

“Growing up in a running family, I've participated in several organized races in my years but the Ruck N Run checked all the boxes for me [...] Everything from the information dissemination, sponsors, timing, and benefactors fit well and ran smoothly. The race itself is one long circuit course that will attack your body from every angle. Having all of the services out there represented and the camaraderie of the Veterans and their supporters just makes the whole event warm and welcoming. Good stuff.” - Christopher K.


in their honor

While stationed in DC, George Fuller served as a liaison for U.S. Service Members returning from overseas due to an injury or illness, which included those wounded in combat.

This unique duty allowed him to interact with thousands for U.S. Service Members on their journey to a full recovery.

One aspect of his duties was to give combat wounded Service Members a grant in the form of a prepaid credit card. These were provided by the nonprofit organization called Army Emergency Relief and were presented on behalf of a grateful nation.

This gave him the idea to set up a fund to help provide assistance to families of U.S. Service Members that pass away. This can help offset the cost of food, lodging, transportation, and other unforeseen, incurred expenses.

Honoring Those Who Serve(d)®

Ruck ‘N’ Run is Proud to Have Partnered with These Nonprofit Veteran Organizations!


Combat Boots and High Heels (CBHH) believes that America's past, present, and future Veterans are one of the greatest assets to the strength of our nation.  To that end:  we strive to Engage, Enable, and Empower these men and women through mentorship and assistance. 

Our ongoing goals are to enable through continued guidance, prevent negative outcomes through engagement, and empower through assistance.  We're additionally focused on addressing certain unique needs that female service members encounter.  Our volunteers and advocates tirelessly dedicate themselves to battling the negative effects present in today's Veteran community, such as suicide, depression, homelessness, unemployment and poverty. 


Camp Hope is a retreat for military veterans wounded in the War on Terror. William “Mike” White and his wife Galia, created Camp Hope as a tribute to their son Christopher, who was killed fighting for our country in Iraq.

The mission of Camp Hope is to honor the fallen by helping the wounded. We offer all expenses paid adventures and comradery for our service men and women that gave selflessly for our freedoms. 


Home at Last is a program funded by the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) grant from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). Home at Last/SSVF is designed to serve veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. This program provides rent, utility assistance, furniture, case management and more to those who have served our country and now finds themselves in need of a little help.

Our veterans have sacrificed so much to protect our freedoms, so it’s time we come together as a community to provide them with a place to call home. The focus of Home at Last/SSVF is housing stabilization – using temporary financial assistance and community resources as a bridge to long-term stability. Possible participants for Home at Last/SSVF are veterans or veteran families that meet the program income guidelines listed below and are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.