2nd Annual Ruck 'N' Run Recap


A little bit of an update.

I’m so grateful for every one of you! I’m so thankful for a hugely successful and a very fun, motivating, challenging, and encouraging 2nd annual Ruck ‘N’ Run. RNR is a pure joy, of which I am honored to be a part of.

I made it home safely to my AMAZING family. Those Appalachian Mountains were no joke, pulling our car with a 15 foot moving truck.

I got home in time for dinner on Veterans Day. The next day, we unloaded our “sardine can.” Now we have all our stuff here in DC. Our kids are back in school today. My military leave has ended and I go back to work tomorrow with my head held that much higher because of all of YOU! I also need to finish my 2 grad school classes that have been simmering on the backburner for a bit.

Now that the dust is settling, I’m wrapping up the 2nd annual (still lots to do, more pictures are coming, gear is still available here ) and gearing up for the 3rd annual. Really? Yes! There’s so much to do and I only gave myself 90 days this year, from start to finish (pun intended). Registration for our 3rd annual RNR is OPEN! Register at RunSignUp.com/RuckNRun

This year, with the advice of so many, including some advice from the Army 10 Miler staff (37,000 participants! And I work right across the street from their office! What what!), I’m going to start right away. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

1st annual RNR:
160 participants
930 lbs of food & $3,000 donated!

2nd annual RNR:
198 participants
2,247 lbs of food & $3,500 donated!

There were 19 participants in the Virtual RNR, from:

Washington, DC (8)
Windermere, FL
Warner Robins, GA
Pooler, GA
Freeburg, IL
Farmington, MO
Dayton, OH
Lawton, OK
Fort Worth, TX
Fort Belvoir, VA
Yorktown, VA
Fairfax, VA

The end game:
To give honor where honor is due! To honor Veterans!
I see RNR as a HUGE event. It’s huge now, believe me! The growth is phenomenal because of YOU!

However, I foresee RNR having 10s of thousands of participants in Republic, MO alone. I see RNR spreading throughout our great nation, generating megatons of food and providing huge amounts for LOCAL Veteran organizations.

Once again, RNR could not and WOULD not be what it is today without YOU. From participants to volunteers, from sponsors to photographers and videographers…YOU made RNR a success, AGAIN!

Every time I think about this, it gives my goosebumps. A participant was picking up her packet and she said…

RNR is going to EXPLODE, it’s going to be huge and I’m so glad I was part of RNR at the very beginning!

I actually teared up reading through the feedback responses. Yes, this Drill Sergeant teared up. Why? Because of this statement:

“Wonderful event; probably my favorite now. REALLY touched me that my dad’s name was on the memory board; please keep doing that every year. I felt like I did something really good in my dad’s honor and his name being visible to all made me proud; such a nice tribute.” (Provide your feedback: click here)

So, with a grateful heart, goosebumps, and something in my eye…

THANK YOU, you crazy-patriotic Ruckers ‘N’ Runners! I can’t wait for next year! See you by the fire pit!

George Fuller
Honored to be YOUR Race Director!

Luke Turner