Gomez Shirt & Sticker

Gomez Shirt & Sticker


Crowdfunding Levels:

  1. $10 - Sticker (click here)

  2. $35 - Shirt & sticker (this item)

  3. $75 - Ride along, shirt, & sticker (click here)

  4. $200 - Be in the Veterans Day parade with Gomez and the Ruck 'N' Run Team, ride along, shirt, & sticker. (click here)

Purchases will help us repair “Gomez,” our 1973 M35A2 Deuce & A Half.

Gomez functions as our event stage, attention getting, and display vehicle. We need a minimum of $5,000 to get Gomez up a running and road worthy.

We need your help to fix our military truck. Why?…
Gomez is the name of Ruck 'N' Run's M35A2 military truck; a 1973 "deuce and a half" turbocharged diesel 6X6…MERICA!

It was named after its previous owner, PFC Gomez, a Korean War Veteran, who recently passed away. He used the truck in Veterans Day parades and other events. So we thought we would give a new mission to this old war machine. But Gomez needs some work. Purchased a month before our last event on Nov 10, Gomez was set to be our event stage. But something happened. While driving it home the day of purchase, the injection pump ruptured and oil went everywhere. After it was fixed, the mechanic took it for a test drive and noticed a loud knock in the engine. This led to further investigation and he found a bad crankshaft and bearings. This was something the previous owner could not have foreseen. This campaign is to raise money to fix our truck so it can be in local parades and events to bring more attention to who we are and what we do for the Veteran community. Who are we: Ruck 'N' Run brings the community together to honor those who serve and have served.  It's a celebration of our Service Members. What we do: More than just an annual walk/run event, Ruck 'N' Run is nonprofit Veterans organization. We give the community an opportunity to experience a small taste of the military, participate in honor of Service Members, and give back to Veterans in need. So far, Ruck 'N' Run events have raised $15,000 and 6,181 lbs of food for nonprofit Veteran organizations.  Once fixed, Gomez will be used for a:

  1. Display vehicle - Just like an air show or car show, this vehicle will be available during the event for the community to look at and take pictures with.

  2. Event stage - The flatbed would work great as our mobile stage.

  3. Hauler - As our event grows, this truck would serve as a means to deliver canned goods and other donated items to the local homeless Veterans shelter.

  4. Attention getter - As the community sees this vehicle, the more the event gets attention, which means the event will grow and we can contribute more to Veterans in need. We're very grateful for the overflow of community support that recognizes the importance of honoring those who serve(d), especially during Veterans Day weekend. We appreciate your contribution to this fundraiser.

***All shirts/stickers will be shipped. The cost of travel/lodging to be able to ride-along and/or be in the Veterans Day parade in MO is covered by the individual purchaser, not Ruck ‘N’ Run. In order for the ride-along and to be in the 2019 Veterans Day parade, Gomez must be fixed and be road ready.***

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