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Memorial Ruck (free)

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Ruck with us in honor of our U.S. Service Members that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This is a fundraiser ruck!

Please consider donating to help us establish our "In Their Honor" fund. (Donate here)

This will provide assistance to families when a U.S. Service Member passes away. This can help offset the cost of food, lodging, transportation, and other unforeseen incurred expenses.

Our Memorial Ruck is your chance to get involved and help raise awareness about this cause and fund.

Memorial Ruck is free but donations can be made here and/or shirts can be purchased online at

Who will you ruck in honor of? Start as a team, finish as a team.

***Please invite people through Facebook (links below)***

Washington, DC Event Page - Route: U.S. Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial and back.

Springfield, MO Event Page - Route: Springfield Nature Center to the Missouri Veterans Cemetery and back.

Shadow Event Page - route: Your choice.


Once we have completed the ruck meet at…

Bricktown Brewery (Springfield, MO only)



This is a free event. Donations will go towards the Ruck 'N' Run "In Their Honor" fund to help families of Service Members that pass away. We'll also have t-shirts available for purchase, which will also help with the "In Their Honor" fund.

Make sure we share this event with Veterans and Veteran organizations. Spread the word!


Shirts are available for purchase here. Shirts must be ordered by 11:59 PM on May 5.

Where to meet:

Springfield, MO

We will meet at the entrance of the Nature Center trail head.

4601 S Nature Center Way

Springfield, MO 65804

Washington, D.C.



Gather you team and compete where you live!

Challenge attributes-

Overall Distance: 8K OR 5 miles

Weight min: easiest 20lbs, moderate 35lbs, advance 45lbs, elite 50lbs+, Please note, your ruck weight is your preference, choose what feels more comfortable.

Exercises: none required

Exercise level: n/a

What to bring:

Must bring your own ruck, weight, nourishment, hydration, motivation and a positive, good attitude. Teamwork!


This is a lengthy and challenging ruck. Please be mindful of that. Children are children. If they come along the parent or guardian is responsible for safety and well-being of the child. If the child brings toys, belongings or any carry around items, the parent or guardian is responsible for the items. We prefer the child to be at least 6 year or older.


If you bring your pet, please make sure your dog is good and safe around strangers. Bring water and nourishment for your dog. Be mindful, respectful of any waste/excrement your dog may leave. In other words, clean up after your dog please. Must be on leash. Official Service Dogs are welcome.


Please be sure to respect and follow all rules, policies and regulations of the venues or areas we ruck and/or pass through.


You’re encouraged to bring your own first aid kit. There is no designated medical personnel. Communication is by cell phone. Ruck 417, club participants, and Ruck ‘N’ Run are not liable to any injuries, illnesses, and/or causes of death. There is no lifeguard on duty. Meaning we are responsible for our own wellbeing. In the event of a medical issue, we will do our best to assist with seeking professional help, if an event occurs. This is not a closed course. Be mindful of traffic and the general public.

Social media and marketing:

***Please invite people through Facebook (links below)***

Washington, DC Event Page

Springfield, MO Event Page

Shadow Event Page

We take group photos and video our rucks. If you do not wish to be on any of those or our social media, let us know, prior, during, or after.

If you haven't joined the Ruck 417 Facebook group, be sure to do so. This is a great way to stay up to date, and learn some more about rucking.

If you haven't heard of Ruck 'N' Run, check them out st They are doing some amazing things with our local Veteran community and honoring those that serve(d).

Don't forget to use the following hashtags.












Additional Opportunity to Honor Those Who Served: (Springfield, MO only)

Come out Thursday at 5:00 PM CST on May 23, 2019 to represent Ruck 417 and Ruck ‘N’ Run by honoring those that serve(d) by placing flags at each gravestone at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery

Later Event: November 9
5th Annual Ruck 'N' Run